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Zoomry, a belt conveyor manufacturer founded in 2002, specializes in providing bulk material handling solutions that help customers lower production costs, increase productivity and lessen environmental impacts. Since its inception, company has strived to develop and manufacture environmentally friendly bulk material conveying equipment that is tailored to the working environments of customers. Our product line includes not only complete sets of long-distance overland conveyors, tubular belt conveyors, troughed belt conveyors and radial telescopic stacker conveyors, but also a huge range of conveyor parts.

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Main Products

Belt conveyor systems are cost-effective alternative to haul trucks for transporting bulk materials such as coal, limestone, crushed stone, shale, soil, ores, minerals and more. A dependable conveying system can help you save energy while also reducing dust and noise emissions.

    1. Belt Conveyor
    2. ConveyorZoomry offers a range of customer-specific belt conveyors to cater to any industrial applications, such as cement, mining, coal handling, aggregates and other numerous areas requiring bulk material handling.More +
    1. Telescopic Stackers
    2. Telescopic StackersTelescopic stacker is a mobile material handling equipment developed in response to the needs of stockyard stacking, reclaiming, truck / ship loading and unloading, aiming at increasing stockpile efficiency. More +
    1. Idler/Roller
    2. Idler/RollerConveyor idlers, also known as conveyor rollers, are essential components that provide fundamental support for conveyor belts, the quality of which has a direct impact on the safe and reliable operation of the belt conveyor.More +
    1. Conveyor Pulleys
    2. Conveyor PulleysConveyor pulleys are an important component used in belt conveyors to drive the conveyor belt and change the direction of the belt. Zoomry conveyor pulleys currently in stock include drive pulley, tail pulley, take-up pulley, bend pulley and snub pulley.More +

Our customer service team is always delighted to provide a variety of service options that are specifically oriented to your production needs.

    1. Cement Industry
    2. Cement IndustryMany cement plants are faced with common challenges in designing, arranging, and constructing belt conveyors because the project is multi-faceted and systematic. The successful execution of a project is based on the well consideration of the surrounding environment and deliberate engineering.
    1. Mining Industry
    2. Mining IndustryAs the need for mined raw materials is rising, long-distance overland conveyors are extensively used to haul the raw materials across long transportation routes.
    1. Coal Handling
    2. Coal HandlingMany coal conveyor systems need to be customized to meet the needs of a specific application. Road coal mines, underground coal mines, coal washing operations...
    1. Aggregates Industry
    2. Aggregates IndustrySince aggregates are the most mined materials in the world, sand and gravel processing plants must produce a significant volume of product to be competitive.
    1. Cement Plant Limestone Conveying Project of Mengxi Group
    2. Cement Plant Limestone Conveying Project of Mengxi Group

      Region: Inner Mongolia
      Environmental conditions: flat and hilly terrain, less rainfall and large temperature difference

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    1. Iron Ore Long-distance Overland Conveying Project
    2. Iron Ore Long-distance Overland Conveying Project

      Region: Chengde, Hebei Province
      Environmental conditions: undulating mountainous terrain, very demanding on selecting the conveyor route

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    1. Bulk Coal Conveying Project with Tubular Belt Conveyor
    2. Bulk Coal Conveying Project with Tubular Belt Conveyor

      Region: Zaozhuang, Shandong Province
      Solution: tubular belt conveyor (head drive 250kW×2, ST1250 tubular belt, lifting height 10m)

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